‘Love is Love’ Video Out Now!

‘Love is Love’ is the title track from my upcoming EP release. The song, like the title suggest, is about gay pride and equality and the video is a romantic and slightly sexy story about two women hooking up on a date in the Stockholm bar scene.

The EP ‘Love is Love’ will be released on December 1, 2014, on my own label Let Them Be Wild Records. It will be available a few days later on all major digital music sources like Spotify and iTunes, etc.

All the Girls – New EP

I am very happy to release ‘All the Girls’ which has been recorded and crafted in cooperation with my former band colleague Daniel Westerlund.


Release date: May 17, 2013. Free download.

Music and lyrics: Karin Agatonne

Vocals and acoustic guitar (bass and lead guitar solo on “All the Girls”): Karin Agatonne
Backing vocals, harmonium, lead guitar, keys, bass and drums: Daniel Westerlund

Produced by Karin Agatonne
Engineered by Daniel Westerlund
Arranged and mixed by Daniel Westerlund and Karin Agatonne

Cover design: Karin Agatonne
Original cover photo: Ken Andersson

© 2013 Karin Agatonne

Live at Norrköping Pride 2013

Me and Astor Wolfe performing ‘All the Girls’ at Café Strykjärnet, Arbetets Museum at Norrköping Pride 2013.

Norrkoping Pride 2013 Karin Agatonne Astor Wolfe


Astor Wolfe & Karin Agatonne played two shows at Norrköping Pride 2013.

May 3 – Opening of the Festival at Arbetets Museum

May 4 – coffee shop gig at Café Strykjärnet, Arbetets Museum

Read all about the Festival here: www.norrkopingpride.se