© Karin Agatonne

© Karin Agatonne

Karin Agatonne is an indie-singer/songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden. Karin grew up on the Swedish west coast and started playing the guitar and the bassoon at the age of ten. Some ten years later the Indian sitar was added to the range of instruments.

After playing several genres of music, folk inspired, guitar based songwriting came out on top. A five track home recorded demo EP was released to family and friends in 2005.

During the years 2010 – 2012 Karin released a few demo songs on Soundcloud and played acoustic and electric guitars in the indie folk rock band The Goner. Two singles (Hello Friend, Today I Will Sing Beautifully for You and Illumination/Sun on Stone were released in early 2012 and are available on iTunes and Spotify. (The Goner has previously released a couple of albums and an EP).

Finally taking her songs to the stage, she started playing live shows with singer/songwriter Astor Wolfe in November 2012. The first EP  All the Girls  was released on May 17, 2013. (It was home recorded as well but this time with greater knowledge, better equipment and for a larger audience).

In February 2014 Karin Agatonne started her own label Let Them Be Wild Records on which the first studio recorded EP Love is Love was released on
December 1, 2014.